5 Productive Things to do for Your Business on This Downtime

Most of us are stuck at home right now and have more time than ever, so I wanted to share the five productive things that you can do for your business right now during this downtime.

The first thing you can do is organize your business you can take the extra time that you have to systematize everything, if you are not using a project management tool yet I would highly recommend it, my favorite is asana, so you can get started with a tool like this basically I have a one central place for everything in my business and it controls all of my files my workflows and generally keeps me on track so if you do not have a system like this you can use this time to set one up.

My next idea for you is to create your website, there’s a good chance that this has been on your to-do list for ages now you can take the time to do it my favorite tool for this is Squarespace, but basically getting online is more important than ever right now and you can start with your online home base which is your website and good news a you can actually do this yourself.

My next idea for you is to create a new sales funnel, a sales funnel is basically an automated way of getting a sale in your business and it can make a huge difference in your business to have these set up and running at all times so I would take a look at all of your existing products and services and see where the gaps are where your missing sales funnels and get to work putting some new ones in place, this is what I’ve been doing with my downtime I’ve been adding new funnels in my business and not only is this going to benefit you now but it’s also going to benefit in the long term as well, so spend the time creating assets like this really help you overall in your business.

The next thing you can do is do a pop-up promo for your business, I know it’s a really challenging time right now and you probably feel weird selling however people still need your products and services and you as well need to support yourself your team and your family, so I don’t think you need to be feeling bad about selling right now so what you can do is do a special pop-up promo for your product or service, you can add something extra so that it’s even more valuable and you can offer a flexible payment plan but yeah people still need you and what you offer so get it out there and do so with a pop-up promo.

And finally, this is arguably the most productive thing that you can do for your business right now, and that is to provide more high quality free content for your audience than you ever have before so how can you show up in a bigger way right now and provide more value for your audience with all that free time that we have right now I would use it to get creative and provide fresh new content for your audience not only are they going to be incredibly grateful with the value that you are sharing for free right now but that’s also something that is going to benefit you in the future so you are basically helping people for free now and you’re also setting your business up for future success, anytime you produce free content especially content that is searchable in some way so whether YouTube or blog content that is content that lives on and will continue to bring you leads and sales for a long time.

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