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Today i have an article that is not about entrepreneurship, today it’s actually about career success, even if you are an entrepreneur you can definitely apply this tip to whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, but I particularly want to speak to the people out there who are trying to excel in their careers and what I wanted to do was I wanted to share with you something I’ve learnt recently that if you start applying to your career it’s going to help you excel even further.

So the thing that I learned recently was this theory it’s called Coleman’s pie theory of success, and basically what it looks like is this is a pie chart of the elements that you need to be successful in your career, and the three elements are performance image and exposure and they’re split into these percentages, so I bet you would probably think that this large 60 percent is probably performance right you need to really perform in order to be recognized and to be successful in your career, but as a matter of fact it’s a little more like this, the exposure is 60 percent the performance is only 10 percent and your image is 30 percent and I know this kind of sucks because it’s like well if I’m working so hard why aren’t I being recognized for my success but what Commons trying to prove with this theory is that even if you are working really hard, if nobody knows about, it if you’re not managing your internal personal brand it’s gonna, be hard for you to be successful and I think this is one of the reasons why there are so few women in leadership roles because particularly women have a really hard time speaking up about their success speaking up about their contribute to the organization or speaking up even about the positions that they want they’re not managing their exposure they’re not managing their image and therefore they get it being passed over for these leadership roles and so what I want to come here today and share with you is just a few things that you can do to increase your internal organizational exposure, and therefore you can excel further in your career.

So the first thing for advice is of course just speak up, you have to ask for what you want. I was recently having a conversation with one of my ex clients who is now smashing it in my online business industry, and I don’t even think she realized she said this but something that really stood out to me was that she said she was really trying to make it work in her career before she left and JumpShip for entrepreneurship and so what she did was she went to HR and she kind of like demanded that they make these changes for her, they’d put in her a new position and this really stood out to me because I think there’s so many women who don’t do this there’s so many women who don’t put their hands up to say : I want this position or I want this opportunity, or I want this role, and I think that if you did start speaking a little bit up speaking up a little bit more about your desires your goals your ambitions, what you’re trying to achieve and how you think the workplace should run not only would you be better respected, but you would also excel and succeed further so it’s hard I know because confidence comes into this, but really work on your own self-development work on your own confidence because it’s going to help you to shine in your career.

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