How to Figure Out What you Really Want

Making decisions can be really challenging, I think that most of us have an easy time making decisions about some things, but then there are other areas of our lives where it doesn’t seem no matter how much research or thinking or whatever we do we just can’t seem to come to a good decision or feel really confident about our decisions or at least make a decision quickly, so in this article, I just want to share one really quick tip that can help you make better decisions a lot faster, so think if you’ve ever had this experience before : you’re trying to make a decision, you’re trying to decide, should I paint the wall white or should I paint the wall gray ? maybe you’re trying to decide should I watch this movie or should I watch this other movie or maybe you’re just trying to decide what shirt to wear, you know should I wear the white shirt or should I wear the black shirt, and so then you have this great idea you’re like okay well I can’t decide so I’ll flip a coin but what happens when you flip that coin you flip the coin and then oh it’s heads and that means you should wear the white shirt and instantly you feel like you wish that the other decision had been made or you’re a little bit regretful or maybe you’re secretly happy maybe you’re like oh yeah that was the one I really wanted… has this ever happened to you ?

So what the big tip is, is to use this experience, the situation that you’ve been in before use it to help you make decisions faster so here’s what you do next time, you’re trying to decide should I wear the red pants or should I wear the blue pants, all you need to do is ask someone which pants do you think I should wear and then here’s where the really sneaky part comes in, you’re not actually gonna go with their decision at all, all you’re going to do is judge how you feel based on their decision so if you ask your husband you know should we paint the walls white or should we paint them gray and he says um how about white and you think yes then you know that’s what you really wanted but if you’re like oh I wish you’d chosen gray you know then you know really you want gray.

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