How to grow you Instagram ?

In today’s article that’s what I want to cover I want to cover Instagram for your business account I’m going to share my three top tips on how to grow your Instagram account so that you grow your business, and I’m gonna be sharing a bonus tip that is probably going to give you a bit of a sigh of relief the tips that I’m about to share in today’s video have work for my friend and client Becky Keane who is an online business coach and today she has generated over $40,000 in revenue to her business and she has less than a thousand followers.

So if that sounds good to you listen up and let’s dive in tip number one is to embrace storytelling through Instagram stories now last summer in 2018 it was reported that over 400 million people are viewing their stories every single day in 2019 that number is probably way higher but the point is if you’ve kind of neglected your feet a little bit and you’ve been posting more on your stories that’s actually a really good thing so keep doing that keep showing up I recommend showing up in your stories three times a day ideally in the morning the afternoon and the evening that way you’re at the top of your followers feeds all throughout the day.

Now when I say storytelling what I mean is exactly that your Instagram stories are not just for your highlight reel you can put your highlight reel over on your feed your Instagram stories are for the real stuff the raw stuff that’s happening to you as you’re growing your business it’s for behind the scenes it’s for sneak peeks so don’t be afraid to experiment with the type of content that you’re going to share here the point is to actually be real be a real human being so that your followers can connect with you and therefore know you like you and trust you even more so that you’re the person that comes to mind when they’re ready to buy one mistake I see business owners and entrepreneurs make all the time is they post to their Instagram stories without any context so as a viewer you’re kind of like why should I care about this so don’t forget to give your viewers context to your stories, I call this the setup phase so whatever background information you need to give to your followers No hey guys today I’m at XYZ event so one sign that you’re in a good mastermind check out how pretty the city is when your brain is a little fried or very fried at the end of a whole day of looking at each other’s businesses or I just got off a call with a client let them know the information they need to know the second part is to actually share the content of your story so take as many stories as you need to actually share and don’t forget to end with a call to action the Instagram algorithm loves it if you can get viewers to actually take an action after they viewed your story so it could be simply the poll sticker or the slider sticker whatever app actually asks your followers to take action and they do the Instagram algorithm is going to reward you for that tip.

Number two on how to grow your business on Instagram is to embrace sales through instagrams direct messages now there’s this widespread belief that to actually generate sales from Instagram you need to drive people away from the app you need to send them to your website you need to send them to a sales page but the truth is if you simply start that conversation with someone in a DM thread direct message stands for DM then you can really cultivate that relationship and PS inside that direct message thread you can share an unlimited amount of links so don’t worry about sending people to a website create that connection with them first in a DM thread and then when they’re ready to book a call with you or when they’re ready to see your services or when they’re actually ready to buy you can paste as many links as you want inside of your direct message thread see basically produces these strategy guides for anyone who wants their Instagram strategy done for them and if you’re interested in seeing a preview of what this guide looks like you know what DM me and I’ll send you a link yeah let’s do that direct messages are where the actions happening today it’s private because it’s a conversation between you and another real human being who could very well become your next client so get creative in the DM threads use voice notes that’s my favorite feature because let’s be honest I’m a little lazy and to send a voice note is a lot faster than typing out a message you can also send a video reply you can send an image you can video call the person as you’re chatting with them in the DM thread there’s so many options there to help you cultivate that relationship with someone and ultimately close that sale my third tip for growing your business on Instagram is to embrace and accept to the fact that as you grow your engagement is going to decrease, yes I said it I’m an Instagram marketer who’s acknowledging that your engagement level is going to decrease what do I mean by that I mean chances are you’re gonna start seeing less likes or less comments and this is actually a side effect of growth now.

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