STOP DoubtingYourself ! (Part-2)

My next tip, is make sure you’ve got a cheer squad around you in those moments of self-doubt, when you’re like I can’t push live I can’t launch the podcast having a group of people, or at least one person by your side to say you know what actually you can is so powerful I’m actually currently in the middle of my group coaching program simply business and we had a call this morning where one of the clients I’ve been taking so much more action and it’s literally because I know I’ve got the support of the group around me, it’s just so important if you are going through these moments where you like « I don’t think i can, I don’t think I can… ». Having those other people around you will just push you over the edge.

I can think of so many times in my life whether it be going to an exercise class or doing something in my business or doing something that is adventure-seeking where I really felt that fear and felt that Tara and doubted myself whether I could actually pull through or not, but it’s the people around me that encouragement as well as that slight little bit of competition, that’s allowed me to just push there trust me, humans need connection and this is one of the areas that is so powerful to have people by your side.

And then, the final one which kind of relates to what I was speaking about in the beginning is change your relationship with fear, the reason why you’re doubting yourself is because you’re afraid you’re going to fail, you’re afraid that it’s not gonna turn out how your expectations are, you’re afraid that something bad is going to happen and you know what, so what if it does if you truly want to be an entrepreneur if you want to be anyone that does anything extraordinary in this world, you are going to have to fail if you fail it means that you learn, and therefore you grow, if you are not failing you’re not trying hard enough, and so if you’re doubting yourself saying I don’t want to do this because I don’t think I can or I don’t want to do this because what if it doesn’t work out what if it doesn’t work out it it might very well not work out, and that is a good thing because at least you tried and then you’re ahead of 99% of the other people, so change your relationship with failure.

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