Tasks to Outsource in your Business

Today I thought we’d talk about outsourcing, it’s not the easiest thing to do so I thought I’d give you some ideas of things that you could outsource, things that I think are the simplest to get started with.

You might be in the position where your business is growing it’s doing well but you are way too busy, you’re glued to your computer and you’re doing every single little task in your business so it might be becoming clearer and clearer to you that you need to get some outside help, this is great, it means you’re growing and by outsourcing you’re actually going to grow so much faster and easier than you would if you didn’t outsource.

So let’s dive into three things that you can get started with and that are easy to outsource in your business :

The first thing you can outsource is the creation of graphics, it’s very likely you’re spending a lot of time creating graphics for your business whether that’s for social media or for blog posts, but this is actually super easy to outsource, all you need to do is first create that initial template so what I will do is I’ll create templates in canva you there you can do this if you’re comfortable with design or you can hire a designer for a one-off project to create all of your graphics templates for you. After you’ve created this template then it’s going to be incredibly easy for you to hire a virtual assistant, and then, anytime they need to create a new graphic for you they can simply copy it in canva create a duplicate and then fill in the new information. Canva is one of those tools that is going to make this incredibly easy so this way you know that the posts are going to be in line with your style and they’re going to be all the right colors and fonts, but you are not spending the time creating them and then there will be a few tasks related to this that you can also outsource‚Ķ so for example you could get someone to download that graphic resize it for your website upload it to your blog post rename that file there are a whole lot of follow up tasks that you could also choose to outsource as well.

The next one is to outsource some of the techie stuff there are some very highly skilled technical virtual assistants that can help you with everything techie in your online business so for example creating your landing pages creating your sales pages and scheduling all of your newsletters to go out, getting these types of tasks off your plate will be huge especially as a lot of the times these tasks are time-consuming, so imagine how much stuff you could be doing in your business that you love rather than doing the challenging technical stuff.

The final thing that you can easily outsource is your inbox, if you’re like most entrepreneurs then your inbox is likely quite overwhelming possibly overflowing and very stressful so it’s time to get some help in that area, this is something that I outsource in my business and I’m so happy that it did, it has made a huge difference so definitely get some help organizing and handling your inbox one of the first things that you can do is create email templates, you can create saved canned responses in Gmail that your VA can simply fill in as necessary, then they can also delete anything that you don’t need to see and handle in general inquiries. So really I think this can save you up to an hour or two per day.

Alright, so those are the tasks that I recommend you start with when it comes to outsourcing and I do think these are some of the easiest ones to do now.

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