The 3 BOOKS to Read on 2020 !

Three books that definitely helped me on my entrepreneurial journey, I think the first one is definitely the e-myth, revisited by Michael Gerber it’s just a really good book that helps you to think about your business and how you can systemize it and create processes to just create an absolutely phenomenal experience of your customers, so he gives you like practical examples and he also talks about the difference like for example the technician so for example if someone owns a bakery if you love to bake cakes and then you start a business and you’re the cake baker your business is going to struggle, because you actually if you want to be the business owner you have to be the business owner not the technician so not the person like doing the baking in a way so it’s kind of it just really interesting book and I just learned a lot from it and I learned a lot about how to create amazing experiences from reading the e-myth.

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